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Kenton Theatre Cookie Policy: 

Cookie Policy 

This website uses something called Cookies. A Cookie is a small text file of letters and numbers that is downloaded onto your computer when you visit a website. They allows the site to distinguish you from other users. This allows you to be recognised when visit our website. This means for example, you don’t have to agree or disagree to our cookies every time you visit our site and stores any preferences you have set in the past. There are different types of cookies and their purpose can range from cookies that can be used for a better website user experience, capture statistical information or for marketing purposes. A Cookie isn’t a computer program, can’t read files on your computer, aren’t viruses or malware. 

The different types of cookies and their purpose are listed below: 

  • Essential Cookies: These cookies are strictly necessary in order for the website to function properly and provide the basic information requested by the website user. They are usually deleted when you close your browser window to the website and don’t collect any data in an ongoing fashion. 
  • Functional Cookies: These help provide a better website user experience by being able to recognise your device when you revisit the site. If you have set preferences or logged in before, these cookies make this a seamless experience for the website user and remember information of this nature. These cookies remain on your computer, sometimes for a set period of time largely depending on your web browser settings. 
  • Statistical Cookies: Statistical cookies track user browsing behaviour over a certain period whilst spending time on a given website. Data collected by a statistical cookie are for statistical purposes only, such as analysing and reporting visitor interactions with a website. This allows those that operate the website to better understand popular areas of the site and look at any trends or reasons for areas that are or are not popular. 
  • Marketing Cookies: Marketing cookies are usually third-party (provided by partners) persistent cookies that track visitor web activity to provide targeted advertisement. These cookies, unlike statistical cookies, are used to support online marketing by collecting information about the users to promote products through partners and other platforms. 

At the Kenton, we provide you with an easy way of opting in and out of both Statistical and Marketing Cookies 

Most web browsers allow some control of most Cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what Cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit or 

Cookies you may encounter on the Kenton Theatre website: 

The website uses cookies essential to the running of the website (Essential Cookies) and Cookies to remember your preferences such as dismissing notices and accepting Cookies (Functional Cookies). Statistical Cookies are used to analyse traffic using our website to better understand and develop our website for an optimum experience for all visitors. This includes leveraging services such as Google Analytics. 

The Kenton website does have the capacity to use Marketing Cookies. Whilst sometimes this is minimal, it may be that their use increases overtime in order to help The Kenton to increase it’s exposure with the aim of increasing revenue. The below lists where our Functional and Statistical Cookies are used and lists what providers we work with to make this possible. 

Google Analytics 

Used by Google Analytics allowing us to track pages you visit, and basic details about your web browsers. They cannot identify you personally. 


Used by Spektrix, the booking platform allowing you to purchase tickets. Spektrix Cookies allow you to login, add multiple items to a shopping cart before purchasing tickets and merchandise, and making donations. 

Marketing Cookies and their use can change but this information is kept up to date in the cookies consent popup that shows when you first visit The Kenton’s website. 

By browsing Kenton Theatre website, you are accepting the cookies as mentioned above plus any others deemed essential for the best user experience. You can manage Cookies in your browser; however, if you decline or delete Cookies, areas of the site may not function properly or may behave unexpectedly. 

For further information about these Cookies or any other Cookies found within this site, please contact 

For other information about your privacy and the terms and conditions of use when using our website please see our Privacy Policy here or our Terms and Conditions here.