Ace Henley’s Winning Hand: £214 Raised for Kenton Theatre

Ace Henley proudly announces that a total of £214 has been raised for the Kenton Theatre, a cherished local institution, through sales on their website

The Ace Henley playing cards have proven to be more than just a deck of cards; they are a symbol of community spirit and support. Since their launch in March 2023, these unique playing cards have captured the essence of Henley-on-Thames, celebrating its vibrant businesses, calendar events, attractions, and more on each card.

Building on this success and their commitment to community giving, Ace Henley is thrilled to announce a new initiative that started in January 2024. In addition to the 25p donation from every pack sold on their website, 25p from every pack sold through local retailers in Henley-on-Thames will also be donated to The Kenton. Retailers selling the cards can be easily located using the map feature on the Ace Henley website, further fostering community engagement and support.

But the generosity doesn’t stop there. The Old Bell, featured in the Ace Henley playing cards, has gone above and beyond by donating 25p from every purchase of their exclusive “Poker Face” cocktail. This specially crafted drink perfectly complements the image shown on their card and is available exclusively at The Old Bell, adding a delicious twist to the community support initiative. The cocktail is crafted using golden rum, fresh lime juice, white crème de cacao and sugar syrup, all shaken over ice.

The success of the Ace Henley playing cards, selling over 5,500 packs so far, this has paved the way for further expansions. Following the launch of the Ace Marlow playing cards in November 2023, which have already sold 4,000 packs, work is underway for the upcoming release of Ace Windsor playing cards later this year. These new editions will continue to celebrate the unique charm and character of their respective towns.

Behind the creativity and success of the Ace Henley playing cards is Emma Sweet, the visionary entrepreneur who left her position as Brakspear’s marketing manager in October 2023 to pursue her passion for community engagement through these innovative projects.

Emma said: “Celebrating our community goes beyond just showcasing its beauty; it’s about actively supporting its vitality. By committing to donate 25p to The Kenton from every pack sold, we’re not just playing cards; we’re investing in the heart of Henley-on-Thames, ensuring that every purchase contributes to the vibrancy and sustainability of our beloved town.”

Lottie Pheasant, The Kenton Theatre Manager said: “We are delighted with the amount raised for The Kenton by Ace Henley over the past year and thrilled to continue the partnership with the new initiative. We’re so grateful to have such a supportive and generous community in Henley.”

As Ace Henley playing cards continue to thrive and give back to the community, everyone is invited to join in the celebration of Henley-on-Thames and its vibrant spirit, one card at a time.

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